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At Ashley Cisneros Inc., it is a point of duty to provide several services and products to all of our clients. These services include but are not limited to, digital marketing, public relations, social media marketing, and resume editing and design.

ACI is dedicated to keeping all of its clients happy and we ensure that these services will greatly assist in the enhancement of your companies, publications and websites.

Public Relations

We will provide the public exposure your company truly deserves.

Your reputation is our priority.

Let us control how others see you POSITIVELY.


A resume should not simply be a list of your background and accomplishments. It should be a marketing tool that truly sells you to potential employers.

Give us the opportunity to make you shine on paper!

Our goal is to write resumes that position clients to obtain the jobs of their dreams.

Social Media

Is your business being talked about? Social Media Marketing can help.

Get social TODAY!

Maintain rich connections with large numbers of people.


To be momentous, your content needs purpose and this is where we come in.

Let us help in bringing your content to life!

Don’t bore your consumers. Invite them, inform them, and excite them through your content

Other Services

Ashley Cisneros Inc. specializes in providing various services which include researching, proofing, editing, solution finding and interviewing. Additionally we provide services in the area of writing, ghost writing and speech writing. Furthermore, ACI also facilitates the hosting of focus group sessions, presenting via workshops or through motivational speeches, opportunity prospection and panel moderation.

ACI also delivers top quality communication product services which include Advertising, Informative and Public Relations products.

Advertising Informative Public Relations
Advertorials Newsletters Fact Sheets
Advertisements E- Newsletters Media/Press Kits
Banner Ad Copy Letters(Recommendation etc.) Press Releases
Brochures Manuals
Promotional Copy Newspaper Articles
Websites Websites
  White Papers