Indianas Best Lawyers: Personal Injury Powerhouse Wilson Kehoe Winingham’s – Thirty-Year Track Record Speaks For Itself

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For more than 30 years, Wilson Kehoe Winingham LLC (WKW) has helped individuals and families who have suffered serious injuries and substantial financial damages due to the misconduct or negligence of others. WKW’s record of success can be attributed to its uncompromising commitment to clients in need.

Harry Wilson, who later brought on partners Bruce Kehoe and Bill Winingham, originally founded the firm. Above all, Harry loved to teach and he became the professional mentor for the two young lawyers, instilling in them the knowledge that “if you put the client first and try to do good work, everything else will fall into place”. It is that responsibility to their clients that motivates Bruce and Bill to this day.

Bruce Kehoe began his career as a physical therapist where he enjoyed helping injured people restore their physical abilities. Though he initially intended to become an orthopedic surgeon, instead he decided to go to law school. During that journey, he realized that his passion was for working with the injured and he decided to become an attorney in order to be their advocate.

Upon graduation from law school, Bruce worked as a law clerk in a personal injury firm before being hired by Harry Wilson. Bruce recalls that during his first year in practice, he spent 21 out of 24 weeks in trial. Three of those trials involved a brain injury, a spinal cord injury and a multiple death plane crash. Bruce says, “We won two out of the three. It was a great way to begin a career, and I’ve had the luxury of working on really challenging cases with high stakes.”

During this time, Bill Winingham was working as a bailiff in Juvenile Court and attending law school in the evening. Bill’s father was a lawyer and had instilled in him a love of the law, describing it as “the great equalizer”. In Bill’s final year of law school, he interned for the Prosecutor’s Office and was given the opportunity to participate in 12 trials. After that experience, he knew he wanted to be atrial lawyer. Bill continued his work for the Prosecutor’s Office after graduation and then went on to work for the U.S. Attorney’s Office before being asked by Harry Wilson to join his firm.

Bruce Kehoe and Bill Winingham have been law partners for 25 years. Bruce is proud to say, “In 30 years, I’ve had two partners—Harry Wilson and Bill Winingham—and not many lawyers can say that.” Bill says that being a partner in a law firm is a lot like being in a marriage. “It requires complete trust in your partner.” He recalled Harry Wilson saying, “If there was a nickel on the floor, I know my partners would pick it up and share it with me.” Bill explained that some law firms have a formula where you receive a certain number of points for bringing in a new case or settling a case, but at WKW the partners share everything equally. “That has allowed our law firm to prosper because we are motivated to help each other on any case to make it as successful as possible, which benefits our clients and our firm”, says Bill.

The firm is willing to do whatever it takes to help their clients restore their lives. “I’ve shed tears with quite a few clients over the years”, Bruce says. “It’s such a powerful moment for a family to realize that life is really going to be different after a loved one is injured. It can be difficult, but it is a privilege, to share that with people and do your best to restore what you can.”

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