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USA Today Go Escape Magazine: Mr. Fernandez’s Penguins

IT CAN BE 98 DEGREES OUTSIDE AND SWELTERING, but Antonio Fernandez is wearing warm suspenders, a thick jacket, rubber boots and gloves. He arrives at work at 5:30 a.m. each day, where it's chilly 31 [...]

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Lake Mary Life: Twenty-Five Fun-Filled Years For Heathrow Women’s Club

You can hear it from the parking lot. Every month on the second Tuesday, sounds of laughter and exciting chatter spill out of the halls of the Heathrow Country Club as the 115 members of [...]

Lake Mary Life: Walk On Water

AS NAVY AIRMAN MATTHEW CONNOLLY PREPARED FOR TWO days of leave this past June, all he wanted to do was see his mother Tammy Swanson. Because he was stationed in Maryland, he hadn't seen his [...]

Lake Mary Life: Lukas Nursery

CALEB LUKAS, 23, KNOWS ALL ABOUT ROOTS. HE KNOWS THE EXACT techniques to care for plants and help them survive the elements and grow strong. He knows the importance of family roots, too - honoring [...]