Little Kids in Grown Bodies: Thoughts on Mental Health

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  Everyone we meet is just an adult version of the child they once were. We are all just carrying our trauma and experiences and navigating through life around others who are also dealing with their own trauma and learned behavior. We’re all walking around seeing the world through perspectives based on our experiences and [...]

Lake Mary Life: Twenty-Five Fun-Filled Years For Heathrow Women’s Club

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You can hear it from the parking lot. Every month on the second Tuesday, sounds of laughter and exciting chatter spill out of the halls of the Heathrow Country Club as the 115 members of the Heathrow Women's Club convene for their monthly luncheon. The meetings are dates Ellen Yeaser, club president, has been looking forward [...]

Winter Park Magazine: Wise Counsel to Your Grandchildren

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Central Floridians Share to a Grandchild About A Precious Asset—GOOD Health. Share Your Power, Honor Your Body Be Informed About Your Health, says Andrea Eliscu Andrea Eliscu has a lifelong connection to health care, having lost her sister, Carol; husband, Edward H. Eliscu, M.D.; and mother, Natalie Roussman to cancer. The registered nurse and medical marketing [...]

A Life Cut Too Short — In Loving Memory of Brent Riley Swygert

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Today’s the last day of my startup camp in Las Vegas, and with all the travel this week, I’m just able to post something today about a horrific event that struck my beloved friend Ty-yana Riley’s family. On Friday, Oct. 14, Ty-yana’s gorgeous nephew Brent tragically passed away while playing a choking game. He had recently [...]

Wolfson Ultra Marathon Sponsors ‘Get’ By Giving

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Wolfson Ultra Marathon Sponsors 'Get' By Giving How Giving Can Be Good for Business Jacksonville Advantage, The Handbook for Small Business Cover story By Ashley Cisneros Local small business owners find that supporting philanthropy helps the success of their small businesses. In addition to receiving personal satisfaction from supporting their surrounding communities, business owners report benefitting from their affiliation with [...]

Lake City Reporter: Back from a mission of mercy

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Neither whiplash or a twisted leg could keep a group of Lake City volunteers from traveling to the Central American country of Honduras to help others. Six Lake City residents recently returned from a visit to the Honduran capital, Tegucigalpa, on a medical mission of White Fields/Omega. Debbie Chauncey, registered nurse; Janelle Wardwell, occupational and physical therapy assistant; [...]

Lake City Reporter: Adoptive mothers enjoy great opportunities

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She can be a nurse, teacher, counselor, fashion designer, home decorator, spiritual adviser and chef. Motherhood encompasses a variety of job descriptions. Every May, a special day is set aside to pay tribute to the first person most people meet in their lives -mothers. Maternity is not limited to the relationship felt between a mother and [...]