Florida Trend: Supporting Talent, Promoting Economic Growth

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Attracting job applicants was never a problem for Capital Regional Medical Center in Tallahassee. For Portia Huston, R.N., the center's recruitment and retention manager, the challenge came in finding the right ta lent for specific positions. Until, that is, Huston learned about the no-cost recruitment services available to employers in her area through Workforce Plus, the [...]

Florida Trend: The Job Multiplier – Manufacturing Companies Bring High-Wage Jobs to North Port.

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In late 2010, cousins Ethan and Jonathan Adams realized that their family's company, Adams Group, a manufacturer and installer of interior architectural casework, had outgrown its space in Punta Gorda, Fla. After seeing an ad for the City of North Port, they contacted the city's economic development division to learn more. "They expected to create 102 new jobs over the next three to five [...]

Tap Into the Hidden Job Market

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Finding work is a full-time job, and with 15.3 million unemployed Americans to compete against, it pays to work smarter. To help local job seekers gain a competitive edge, the Orlando Business Journalrecently hosted its periodic seminar called, “Job Hunting with the Business Journal.” Robert Bobroff, circulation sales executive, walked attendees through the journal while teaching methods to [...]

The Beauty of Faith

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When Tampa resident Tamara Dihann Bradley, 25, entered the Miss Black Florida 2010 pageant, she had no question that she would win. Conceit? Not even close. Sure, Bradley did what most pageant contestants do. She prepared for her interview questions, practiced her talent, carefully selected her gown and made arrangements to ensure that her hair and [...]