Ryse Magazine: The VOICE OF The City

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Frank Billingsley, Chief of Staff; Heather Fagan, Press Secretary; and Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer STRATEGY MEETINGS IN THE MORNING, MEDIA INQUIRIES midday, news briefings in the afternoon. No day is exactly alike for Heather Fagan, press secretary for Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer. In addition to serving as official spokeswoman for Mayor Dyer, Fagan handles media responsibilities from a strategic perspective. “I look [...]

Latina Style Magazine: Latina Entrepreneurs on the Spotlight

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With the staggering growth of women business owners in the U.S, women are becoming the fule that drives the economy. According to recently released census statistics, the U.S. Census Bureau's Survey of Business Owners reports that there were 787,914 companies owned by Hispanic women in 2007, (the time of the survey), representing a 45 percent increase [...]


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For the founding member of Alan Goldfarb, PA, life and law have spanned from court side to courtroom. Taking the competitive edge he honed as an All American Basketball Player and Division I Player at Clemson University and applying it to his everyday practice fighting for victims of catastrophic injuries and wrongful death, Alan Goldfarb has [...]

Tap Into the Hidden Job Market

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Finding work is a full-time job, and with 15.3 million unemployed Americans to compete against, it pays to work smarter. To help local job seekers gain a competitive edge, the Orlando Business Journalrecently hosted its periodic seminar called, “Job Hunting with the Business Journal.” Robert Bobroff, circulation sales executive, walked attendees through the journal while teaching methods to [...]

Florida Trend NEXT: CEO by 17

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Weina Scott is proof that with hard work, the American Dream can be realized. The daughter of Haitian immigrants launched and sold a podcasting website,, when she was still in high school. Weina’s journey began about five years ago. After teaching herself HTML at age 13, Weina started creating web-based businesses — first a website that offered programming tutorials, then a web [...]

Florida Trend NEXT: A Few Good Marines

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If you’re looking for the opportunity to fight for freedom, get money for college and get training for a great career, the Marines may be for you. Known as the most challenging branch of the military for its high physical and mental standards, the Marine Corps offers its members a choice among more than 100 career fields. There are [...]

Lake City Reporter Newspaper: A Different kind of Prison

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Completed construction at Lake City Correctional Facility has caused growth in inmate population, staff and programming. The prison's inmate population nearly tripled from approximately 350 inmates to 893, said Warden Fred Lawson. The facility holds young inmates ages 19-24, called "youthful offenders," who come from all over the state. "With the construction and larger inmate population, we hired [...]

Urban Latino: Baby Bash

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Yes you know we have love for apple. They are kind of busy making 5,000 versions of the ipod and opening up apple stores everywhere to remember to include us in their celebrity playlist section of the iTunes Music Store. So we did it for them with this, our first installment our iTemas playlist. Don't worry, Mr. jobs. we'll [...]

Urban Latino: Eva Lasting

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These days it is good to be Eva Mendes. While she has appearing in movies since her first gig as the sultry bridesmaid in A Night at the Roxburry, 2003 had been her year. The sultry actress played Monica Fuentes in 2 Fast 2 Furious and the villain's daughter Ajedrez opposite screen titans Johnny Depp, Antonio [...]