Lake Mary Magazine: Savastano & Dunn Orthodontics

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THE BROAD SMILES IN THE PHOTOS THAT decorate Savastano & Dunn Orthodontics speak for themselves. Taken in that special moment after the patient's braces were removed, the photos capture sheer joy, gratitude, and even self-discovery and pride. For almost 35 years, Savastano & Dunn Orthodontics have delivered the priceless gift of a beautiful smile, and all the [...]

Lake City Reporter: Invention eases pain of oxygen patients

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After Daniel Lemke started experiencing pain from his cannula oxygen supply line five years ago, he found that the solution to his problem was right under his nose. Lemke's wife Jean gave him a clip to hold the line to his shirt, relieving him of some of pain. The couple called the invention the Cannula Clip and [...]