Texas Best Lawyers: San Antonio’s Dan Sciano

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Fighting for Victims of Injury or Loss Daniel J. T. Sciano’s clients come to him after suffering devastating injuries or even death. Equally important to compensation for the clients, if not more important, is the desire to prevent others from experiencing the same injury or loss. “Many of my resolutions involve non-economic compensation as part of the conditions of the [...]

Florida Trend NEXT: Katie Marchetti: From Anguish to Activism

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In memory of Katlyn "Katie" Marie Marchetti August 4, 1989- March 4, 2006 The girl in the glossy photo smiles up at me and I can't help but return her pretty grin. It's infectious. And then my eyes well up as I realize that I will never get to meet her. You may have heard about [...]

Florida NEXT: Click for Katie

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Last year I interviewed a grief-stricken family and group of friends who had suffered a devastating loss. She was their daughter, granddaughter, sister and friend. Katlyn “Katie” Marie Marchetti died in the early morning hours of March 4, 2006, due to injuries she received in a car accident. She wasn’t wearing her seat belt. Katie, then [...]