A Reputation for Results

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A Reputation for Results Robinson Calcagnie Robinson Shapiro Davis, Inc., is an established leader in product liability and catastrophic injury law LA Times By Ashley Cisneros,0,6372584.story "Mark has dedicated his career not only to product safety but to improving legal education, preserving the civil justice system, and protecting access to the courts for all." —Kevin [...]

Baltimore & Washington DC’s Best Lawyers: Paul D. Bekman 2011 Baltimore Lawyer of the Year for Product Liability Litigation on How Preparation Helps Win Cases

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An “Introduction to Law” college course sparked Paul D. Bekman’s interest in a legal career. After his first year of law school at the University of Maryland, he started working as a law clerk. “The firm did a lot of trial work, and that’s exactly where I gravitated right away,” Bekman says. “As soon as I [...]

Baltimore & Washington DC’s Best Lawyers: Client Appreciation Helps Drive Patrick M . Regan to Succeed

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Every December, Patrick M. Regan knows they will come, just as they have for the last 15 years. The holiday greeting and accompanying photo make him smile. And just as he has done for years, Regan will place the updated photo in a frame on his desk. The simple gifts are symbols of thanks from a [...]

2011 Lawyers of the Year – Mark I. Harrison

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Best Lawyers has named individuals as Lawyers of the Year in Arizona, based on their particularly high level of peer recognition. Mark I. Harrison Osborn Maledon Ethics and Professional Responsibility Law, Phoenix Now in his 51st year of practicing law, Mark I. Harrison has set a standard in work relating to lawyers’ ethics, judicial ethics, professionalism and the level of practice that lawyers adhere to. Since [...]

Philadelphia’s Best Lawyers: Shanin Specter’ Personal Injury Victories

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“The life of a trial lawyer makes the country a little safer one case at a time, one product improvement at a time, one policy change at a time,” Shanin Specter says. “We aren’t legislators. We don’t engage in sweeping changes; we produce incremental changes. But these incremental changes add up.” Specter’s impact on individuals and families both in [...]

Nashville Best Lawyer 2011: Randy Kinnard

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Nashville’s Personal Injury Lawyer of the Year Fights Hard Named the “Personal Injury Lawyer of the Year” in Nashville, Randall L. Kinnard has developed a strong reputation for going to war for his clients— and achieving numerous victories— during his 30-year career as a trial attorney. In one of Kinnard’s many high-profile cases, he won $6.5 million [...]

Texas Best Lawyers: San Antonio’s Dan Sciano

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Fighting for Victims of Injury or Loss Daniel J. T. Sciano’s clients come to him after suffering devastating injuries or even death. Equally important to compensation for the clients, if not more important, is the desire to prevent others from experiencing the same injury or loss. “Many of my resolutions involve non-economic compensation as part of the conditions of the [...]

2011 Texas Best Lawyers – KoonsFuller on Dallas Family Law

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Collaboration and Creativity Mean Everything KoonsFuller’s executive committee includes (from left) Charla Bradshaw, Kevin Fuller, Heather King, Ike Vanden Eykel and Rick Robertson. After the love is gone, can a married couple divorce, but still do business together? With collaboration and creativity, absolutely says attorney Charla Bradshaw. “Businesses are sometimes destroyed out of pain, anger and fear during a divorce,” says the Denton [...]

Southern California’s Best Lawyers: Shernoff Bidart Echeverria On The Ins and Outs of Insurance Law

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Think about the last time you purchased an insurance policy. Did you read it thoroughly and negotiate with the insurance company to get a policy that met your needs? “No one does,” says Michael J. Bidart, senior and managing partner of Shernoff Bidart Echeverria LLP. “You get insurance because you have to. You fill out the [...]

Arizona Best Lawyers of the Year: Brett L. Dunkelman

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BEST LAWYERS HAS NAMED INDIVIDUALS AS LAWYERS OF THE YEAR IN ARIZONA, BASED ON THEIR PARTICULARLY HIGH LEVEL OF PEER RECOGNITION. Osborn Maledon INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LAW Growing up, friends and family told Brett. L. Dunkelman that he ought to become a lawyer, but Dunkelman had other ideas. He studied religion as an undergraduate, and later pored over literature in graduate school. He taught English; coached track and even helped a team [...]