Lake City Reporter Newspaper: Fireworks Add Pop to Holiday

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  The Fourth of July weekend is here, and while many will wait until Monday night to experience fireworks, others will take matters into their own hands. There are a number of fireworks vendors selling their wares locally, but one thing you won't get in Lake City is more bang for your buck. There aren't any bottle rockets [...]

Lake City Reporter: Take steps to beat the heat

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Summer is officially here and while the sunshine is fun to play in, people who work outdoors should take extra steps to stay cool in the sultry heat. Information from Florida's Office of Vital Statistics (FOVS) estimated the number of direct temperaturerelated deaths from 1979-1999 was listed as 249. By taking proper precautions, people who work outside [...]

Lake City Reporter Newspaper: Live Oak Man on Quest to find Adopted Daughter

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Man looks to reunite with child after more than two decades. LIVE OAK - She is the motivation for his songs, poetry, short stories and Web site. Paycheck to paycheck, he even created a home for her he named Wahoo Ranch. He has never met her except in his dreams. Arjary A. Alkire's life revolves around [...]

Lake City Reporter: The Legend Behind the famous Blanche Hotel

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A reservation calendar at the Blance Office Center is marked with receptions, meetings and weddings. The original glass tile echoes in the empty lobby as visitors walk through to enter Tucker's Fine Dining or climb the staircase leading to offices. Yet, more went on in the building at 212 North Marion Avenue when it was the [...]

Lake City Reporter: Artist to speak about environmental issues

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Gainesville artist to discuss changing environment of springs. The deep indigo hues dance with vibrant green swirls on Margaret Ross Tolbert's painting or North Florida's treasured springs. Her skillful strokes breathe life onto the canvases and murals she paints, making the viewer want to jump in for a refreshing dip. The accomplished painter and environmental activist [...]

Lake City Reporter: Schiavo Predicament Urges Living Wills

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It is important to designate a health-care surrogate. Terri Schiavo was in her mid-20s when she collapsed from a possible potassium imbalance that temporarily kept her heart from beating. As a young, vibrant woman, the idea of creating a will, a living will and designating a health-care surrogate were tasks she probably wasn't considering. Unfortunately, due [...]

Lake City Reporter: Festival commemorates contributions of black Americans

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With the smooth sounds of reggae, a table spread out with a banquet of soul food, and plenty of performances, the Black History Month Festival at Lake City Community College was the place to be Wednesday. The festival was held at the Alfonso Levy Performing Arts Center and was one of the final events hosted by the college in [...]

Lake City Reporter Newspaper: Monitoring CRP can be Preventative

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In addition to watching cholesterol levels to prevent heart disease, it is also helpful to monitor c-reactive protein levels. CRP is secreted by the liver is response to inflammation, which is said to play a role in heart disease. CRP damges artery walls, making them more susceptible to fatty plaque buildup. This can rupture and block [...]

Lake City Reporter: Confederate, Union soldiers converge on Olustee Battlefield

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The soil shook as cannons boomed from both sides of the Olustee Battlefield, coughing out clouds of whitish-gray smoke Saturday afternoon. One cloud seemed to end in a perfect "O" against the backdrop of a clear blue sky. Perhaps the "O" was for Olustee. The Olustee Battlefield came alive Saturday as reenactors from across the country [...]

Uncommon Soldiers: Women’s Role in Civil War

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Whether they were on the Union side or the Confederate side, the women living during the Civil War era were fiercely loyal and did what they could to aid their cause. Pat McAlhany, a member of the Columbia County Historical Museum Historical Sewing Society, said the situations of women in the North and women int the [...]