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Lake City Reporter: Back from a mission of mercy

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Neither whiplash or a twisted leg could keep a group of Lake City volunteers from traveling to the Central American country of Honduras to help others. Six Lake City residents recently returned from a visit to the Honduran capital, Tegucigalpa, on a medical mission of White Fields/Omega. Debbie Chauncey, registered nurse; Janelle Wardwell, occupational and physical therapy assistant; [...]

Lake City Reporter: Lake City could have been home to UF

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Lake City would be very different today if it was still the home of the University of Florida. The massive institution’s student population of more than 47,000 is almost five times that of Lake City’s population. With more people, there would undoubtedly be more traffic, more businesses and more money. The orange and blue saga of [...]

Lake City Reporter: Record-setting Fourth

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Between 15,000 to 20,000 people are estimated to have participated in the largest-ever Fourth of July celebration in Lake City. Despite such a large crowd, there were no problems at all, said Harvey Campbell, president of the Downtown Action Corporation. "We had no problems and were actually lucky with the weather," he said. "Everyone who I have heard [...]

Lake City Reporter Newspaper: Fireworks Add Pop to Holiday

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  The Fourth of July weekend is here, and while many will wait until Monday night to experience fireworks, others will take matters into their own hands. There are a number of fireworks vendors selling their wares locally, but one thing you won't get in Lake City is more bang for your buck. There aren't any bottle rockets [...]

Lake City Reporter: MDA makes campers happy

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LIVE OAK - Both children and adults alike couldn't stop smiling at the Muscular Dystrophy Association's week-long camp. Since 1955, MDA hosts more than 90 summer camps annually across the country for children - ranging from six to 21 years of age - who have been diagnosed with one of the 43 neuro-muscular diseases covered by MDA. The camp [...]

Lake City Reporter: Two friends now headed to the U.S. Naval Academy

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Jimmy Carter studied there. So did H. Ross Perot. In a few years, two Lake City natives also will be alumni of the prestigious United States Naval Academy. Ryan Trespalacios, a 2003 Fort White High School graduate, recently finished his plebe year, or first year at the USNA. Longtime friend Tyler Flippin, a 2004 Columbia High School [...]

Lake City Reporter: Mock crash at CHS brings reality face-to-face

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Three days before prom, Columbia County juniors and seniors received a helping of tough love served through a dramatization of a car crash on prom night. It was a lesson of love: The love of the community for its young people, the love from parents for their children, the love of life and love among friends. Students got [...]

Lake City Reporter: North Florida roads lead to Ralph Powers

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North Florida roads lead to Ralph Powers Helena Powers opens up a stuffed red album in her home on Duval Street and the memories instantly return. Glossy black and white photos smile at her and she beams remembering her husband, Ralph, and their busy life together. Snapshots of road dedications, dinners, speeches, meetings, gatherings and even [...]

Lake City Reporter: Artist to speak about environmental issues

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Gainesville artist to discuss changing environment of springs. The deep indigo hues dance with vibrant green swirls on Margaret Ross Tolbert's painting or North Florida's treasured springs. Her skillful strokes breathe life onto the canvases and murals she paints, making the viewer want to jump in for a refreshing dip. The accomplished painter and environmental activist [...]

Lake City Reporter: Festival commemorates contributions of black Americans

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With the smooth sounds of reggae, a table spread out with a banquet of soul food, and plenty of performances, the Black History Month Festival at Lake City Community College was the place to be Wednesday. The festival was held at the Alfonso Levy Performing Arts Center and was one of the final events hosted by the college in [...]