Ten Tips to Stay Healthy – Mass Mutual

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Published by Mass Mutual custom publication "Mutual Matters" in June 2013   Americans have good reason to be concerned about improving their health. Studies show that the higher a person’s body mass, the higher the risk of serious health issues including high cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes and some cancers. And according to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), almost 33 percent [...]

Florida Trend: Finding New Therapies to Treat Myeloma

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H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute --Moffitt researchers use tumor database to help patients Genetically-based, evidence-based personalized treatment for every patient with any form of cancer. A mere dream? No. The Moffitt Total Cancer Care ™ initiative is working to make it a reality as physician-scientists seek to deliver personalized therapy using tumor gene [...]

Goddess Rising Empowers Women

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For the past several months, my friends and I have been raising money to help Roxanne Martinez, a 30-year-old new mother who beat cancer and job loss while pregnant. Supporters in more than 20 cities hosted fundraisers to benefit Roxy’s cancer treatment fund. Roxy’s younger brothers called the movement, Team Roxy. When my pal, Yanira Robinson, [...]

Orlando Physician Offers Health Tips for Seniors

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In the month of New Year’s resolutions and ambitious goals for the year, many Central Florida residents seek to take control of their health. This is definitely true for seniors. In fact, Nova Southeastern University released information on a study about older people with complex health issues in last month’s edition of The Qualitative Report. The researchers found [...]

Kirkman Medical Center puts patients first

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Since opening Kirkman Medical Center last March, Dr. Srinivasan Pillai has provided high-quality health care to both Central Florida residents and visitors. From immunizations to screenings to treating non-life threatening illnesses, Pillai and his staff offer compassionate care in their state-of-the-art facility. Pillai serves about 40 to 50 patients per week at Kirkman Medical Center, and [...]

Michael Johnigean: Turning a passion for health into a great business

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Michael Johnigean: Turning a passion for health into a great business Jacksonville Advantage, The Handbook for Small Business Cover story of premiere issue By Ashley Cisneros Michael Johnigean describes himself as a self-made man. The Jacksonville native and owner of HealthyWay Café has enjoyed incredible success since launching the organic restaurant in St. Johns Town [...]

Florida Trend NEXT: Work Your Bod

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When Shelda Raymonvil started high school at William H. Turner Technical Arts High School in Miami, she ate cookies for breakfast, chips for lunch and several slices of pizza for dinner. “Later, I realized that my unhealthy eating habits caused me to become obese and fall asleep in class because I had no energy,” she says. [...]

Lake City Reporter HEALTH: Surviving Colon Cancer Diagnosis – Miracles Inspire many to get Themselves Checked

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Larry Kinsey may be one of the strongest men in Lake City. After three bouts with cancer, Kinsey, has  a stronger appreciation of life and inspires others with his experiences. He was diagnosed with kidney cancer in 1992 and colon cancer at the end of 2001. Most recently, he had a type of skin cancer in [...]

Lake City Reporter Newspaper: Monitoring CRP can be Preventative

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In addition to watching cholesterol levels to prevent heart disease, it is also helpful to monitor c-reactive protein levels. CRP is secreted by the liver is response to inflammation, which is said to play a role in heart disease. CRP damges artery walls, making them more susceptible to fatty plaque buildup. This can rupture and block [...]

Urban Latino Magazine: Throwin’ ‘Em Back

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OK, let's be real. College is synonymous with partying. For some, the college selection process comes down to the research opportunities and job placement rates. But for others, the thought of certain extracurricular activities and other diversions were factors of equal importance. However, as enticing as the party scene may appear at first, there is a [...]