Lake City Reporter: Lake City could have been home to UF

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Lake City would be very different today if it was still the home of the University of Florida. The massive institution’s student population of more than 47,000 is almost five times that of Lake City’s population. With more people, there would undoubtedly be more traffic, more businesses and more money. The orange and blue saga of [...]

Lake City Reporter: Artist to speak about environmental issues

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Gainesville artist to discuss changing environment of springs. The deep indigo hues dance with vibrant green swirls on Margaret Ross Tolbert's painting or North Florida's treasured springs. Her skillful strokes breathe life onto the canvases and murals she paints, making the viewer want to jump in for a refreshing dip. The accomplished painter and environmental activist [...]

Lake City Reporter: Confederate, Union soldiers converge on Olustee Battlefield

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The soil shook as cannons boomed from both sides of the Olustee Battlefield, coughing out clouds of whitish-gray smoke Saturday afternoon. One cloud seemed to end in a perfect "O" against the backdrop of a clear blue sky. Perhaps the "O" was for Olustee. The Olustee Battlefield came alive Saturday as reenactors from across the country [...]

The Satellite: The $80 parking Space – Roam towing provides the hook up

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Welcome to Gainesville, home of perpetual roam towing. Ask any longtime resident or student and he or she will tell you that coming to Gainesville requires extra attention when it comes to something as simple as parking. "Towing is the one thing that makes me hate Gainesville sometimes," says sophomore Analiz Velazquez. "I accept it as [...]