Latina Style Magazine: Latina Entrepreneurs on the Spotlight

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With the staggering growth of women business owners in the U.S, women are becoming the fule that drives the economy. According to recently released census statistics, the U.S. Census Bureau's Survey of Business Owners reports that there were 787,914 companies owned by Hispanic women in 2007, (the time of the survey), representing a 45 percent increase [...]

Florida Trend: Smart Trade

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International trade and customs regulations require expertise and know-how. International trade was one of Florida's mightiest sectors in 2010, reaching an all-time high of $55.2 billion, according to Enterprise Florida. The state is also home to the largest number of exporters in the U.S. after California, accounting for 19 percent of all U.S. exporters. With more deepwater ports than any other place in the country, [...]

Florida Trend: An Investment in Government Relations – The Business of Engaging with the Federal Government

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Getting federal dollars has always been competitive, but an increasingly partisan political atmosphere has made doing business with the federal government even more difficult. At the same time, states like Florida are facing a budget crisis and need federal money now more than ever. Today, there are new ways of doing business in Washington, D.C. These changes mean that Florida companies and organizations must be more connected to [...]

2011 Texas Best Lawyers – KoonsFuller on Dallas Family Law

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Collaboration and Creativity Mean Everything KoonsFuller’s executive committee includes (from left) Charla Bradshaw, Kevin Fuller, Heather King, Ike Vanden Eykel and Rick Robertson. After the love is gone, can a married couple divorce, but still do business together? With collaboration and creativity, absolutely says attorney Charla Bradshaw. “Businesses are sometimes destroyed out of pain, anger and fear during a divorce,” says the Denton [...]

Birmingham Best Lawyers: Charles L. Denaburg On Bankruptcy and Creditor – Debtor Rights Law

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During his 54-year career, Charles L. Denaburg has become an expert in commercial law, commercial transactions, creditor and debtor rights, and bankruptcy law. Other areas of his practice include domestic and general mediation, arbitration, secured transactions and reorganizations. “My daddy told me that I was going to be a lawyer,” he says. “I wasn’t cut out to be a doctor or a dentist. I [...]

Brock Fazzini: Coffee, Tea, and Trees

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Brock Fazzini: Coffee, tea, and trees Jacksonville Advantage, The Handbook for Small Business Cover story By Ashley Cisneros His business model with nonprofits spurs growth A slow economy didn’t stop Brock E. Fazzini from entering the saturated coffee market three years ago. Neither did the bankruptcy sustained by his parent company. Instead of being put off by a [...]

Wolfson Ultra Marathon Sponsors ‘Get’ By Giving

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Wolfson Ultra Marathon Sponsors 'Get' By Giving How Giving Can Be Good for Business Jacksonville Advantage, The Handbook for Small Business Cover story By Ashley Cisneros Local small business owners find that supporting philanthropy helps the success of their small businesses. In addition to receiving personal satisfaction from supporting their surrounding communities, business owners report benefitting from their affiliation with [...]

Articles in New York Magazine and Jacksonville Advantage

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I’m thankful to have had several wonderful writing opportunities in November and December. I really enjoyed interviewing the New York Area's Best Lawyers! You can read what they had to say here: NY Lawyer of the Year Profiles How Connecticut's Legal Community Fought Back $40 Million Wrongful Death Suit Against New York State [...]

Three Layers Coffee House: Sweet success for Jeff Wright and Shawn McGuire

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Three Layers Coffee House: Sweet success for Jeff Wright and Shawn McGuire Jacksonville Advantage, The Handbook for Small Business Cover story By Ashley Cisneros People can’t stop talking about Three Layers, A Coffee House. The Springfield business was named the Best Coffee House of Jacksonville by Folio Weekly, gained coverage in Southern Living, and garnered a visit from [...]