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Ashley Cisneros Mejia is a journalist, entrepreneur and marketer. She began her career as a newspaper reporter and later as an editor at Florida Trend business magazine. Ashley has worked as a professional freelance writer since 2009, as a technical writer, marketing manager, and public relations practitioner. She also founded two digital marketing agencies in Orlando. Named one of Orlando’s 40 Under 40 and honored by the Women’s Executive Council of Orlando for achievements in media and communications, Ashley earned a B.S. in Journalism and an M.S. in Entrepreneurship at the University of Florida.

A Life Cut Too Short — In Loving Memory of Brent Riley Swygert

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Today’s the last day of my startup camp in Las Vegas, and with all the travel this week, I’m just able to post something today about a horrific event that struck my beloved friend Ty-yana Riley’s family. On Friday, Oct. 14, Ty-yana’s gorgeous nephew Brent tragically passed away while playing a choking game. He had recently [...]

Becker & Poliakoff: Preventing Liability

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Banks and companies must protect themselves against litigation related to Ponzi schemes. R. Allen Stanford's investment scheme defrauded thousands of Florida investors out of billions of dollars, and Scott Rothstein, a former Broward attorney, orchestrated a $1.2 billion Ponzi scheme for which he is serving 50 years in prison. But the perpetrators of these schemes aren't the only [...]

Support My Friend In Raising Money for Spina Bifida Awareness

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Have you ever met someone and immediately felt like you knew them for years? As if they were put into your life for a special purpose? That’s exactly the way that I felt when I met Laura Tellado a few months ago at Relay for Life. We were both volunteering with the Hispanic Young Professionals and Entrepreneurs [...]

2011 Lawyers of the Year

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Best Lawyers has named individuals as Lawyers of the Year in Cleveland, based on their particularly high level of peer recognition. James R. Skirbunt Skirbunt, Skirbunt & Wirtz LLC FAMILY LAW, CLEVELAND Since earning his JD from Boston College Law School in 1974, James R. Skirbunt has become a go-to lawyer on the most complex aspects of divorce law, [...]

Indianas Best Lawyers: Personal Injury Powerhouse Wilson Kehoe Winingham’s – Thirty-Year Track Record Speaks For Itself

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For more than 30 years, Wilson Kehoe Winingham LLC (WKW) has helped individuals and families who have suffered serious injuries and substantial financial damages due to the misconduct or negligence of others. WKW’s record of success can be attributed to its uncompromising commitment to clients in need. Harry Wilson, who later brought on partners Bruce Kehoe [...]

Ryse Magazine: Eat Your Way To Better Health

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The “Poor Chef” Charles Mattocks Is On A Mission to Beat Diabetes WINE & DINE Hailing from Long Island, New York, Charles Mattocks AKA The Poor Chef grew up cooking with his West Indian parents. Now living in Orlando, Mattocks has built a multidimensional brand around the idea that healthy eating should be accessible to everyone. [...]

Ryse Magazine: Big Dreams Fulfilled

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ORLANDO NATIVE KEVIN CARR REFLECTS ON HIS CAREER AS AN EXECUTIVE WITH THE NBA. “Getting my job at the NBA was the easiest job I’ve gotten because it was predicated by years of pre-work.” AS A LITTLE BOY IN ORLANDO, Kevin Carr used to run outside when it was time for the space shuttle to take off into the heavens. “I thought, ‘Those people dream big and their talents [...]

Ryse Magazine: The VOICE OF The City

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Frank Billingsley, Chief of Staff; Heather Fagan, Press Secretary; and Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer STRATEGY MEETINGS IN THE MORNING, MEDIA INQUIRIES midday, news briefings in the afternoon. No day is exactly alike for Heather Fagan, press secretary for Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer. In addition to serving as official spokeswoman for Mayor Dyer, Fagan handles media responsibilities from a strategic perspective. “I look [...]

Latina Style Magazine: Latina Entrepreneurs on the Spotlight

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With the staggering growth of women business owners in the U.S, women are becoming the fule that drives the economy. According to recently released census statistics, the U.S. Census Bureau's Survey of Business Owners reports that there were 787,914 companies owned by Hispanic women in 2007, (the time of the survey), representing a 45 percent increase [...]

Florida Trend NEXT: Moving Toward a Greener Business – CSX Invests In A Commitment To Environmental Stewarship

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The most environmentally-friendly way to move goods over land may not be what you expect. It's rail. Compared to a truck. a locomotive releases three times less nitrogen oxide and particulates. according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Thinking in terms of tonnage moved and miles per gallon, Jacksonville, Fla.-based CSX Corporation can transport a ton of freight nearly 500 miles on just [...]