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Ryse Magazine: Big Dreams Fulfilled

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ORLANDO NATIVE KEVIN CARR REFLECTS ON HIS CAREER AS AN EXECUTIVE WITH THE NBA. “Getting my job at the NBA was the easiest job I’ve gotten because it was predicated by years of pre-work.” AS A LITTLE BOY IN ORLANDO, Kevin Carr used to run outside when it was time for the space shuttle to take off into the heavens. “I thought, ‘Those people dream big and their talents [...]

Latino University: Never Too Late

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Three Latino Greeks on Becoming Members Post-Grad While studying at Iowa State University, doctorate student Juan Guardia craved a connection to the Latino community. The Cuban-American felt the options available to do so were few and far between. Until he discovered a network the piqued his interest: Latino Greek fraternities. As a post-graduate, Dr. Guardia, now [...]

Lake City Reporter: Lake City could have been home to UF

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Lake City would be very different today if it was still the home of the University of Florida. The massive institution’s student population of more than 47,000 is almost five times that of Lake City’s population. With more people, there would undoubtedly be more traffic, more businesses and more money. The orange and blue saga of [...]