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Life is sugary sweet for Baby Bash. His single “Suga Suga” (with Frankie J) was on top of the radio charts and reigned on shows like MTV’s Total Request Live. Old friends and family back in his hometown of vallejo, Calif. would be proud of their ” Cadillac Rhyme.”

“Growing up was different for me because I was half White and half Mexican. I wasn’t Mexican enough all of the time, but i was definitely not White enough because I had my little look to me,” he say of his childhood in the west. Bash was raise by grandmother and uncle and music was everywhere, especially the oldies. “My cousins were pachucos and cholos and their music influenced my cool melodies,” he smiles. “the mixture of cultures and music all combined together like in one big menudo pot that helped give me a different sound.”

But bash didn’t always want to be a rapper. He actually had hoop dreams and played basketball throughout high school and for two years of college before music came his way. “I saw a lot of people around my town spittin’ and I thought, ‘if they can do it, I know I can,” he remembers. Soon, people began recognizing him as “Cadillac Rhyme” because of the car that he rode around in. He started performing with a friend’s group (Potna Deuce), them jumped into Latino Velvet. After traveling to Texas and meeting producer Happy Perez (who did tracks with Mystikal and master P) Baby Bash collaborated with Houston’s South Park Mexican and other Dope House Records artists. Doing some tracks on Lonestar Ridaz catapulted him deep into the texas scene and the rest is history.

Bash would like to collaborate with singer and songwriter Pharrell Williams. “The day they played ‘Suga Suga’ on the radio in texas, Pharrell was there doing an interview. He made everyone in  the studio stop and listen to my song. He told them, ‘This is the new shit.’ He called it.”

He says he’s no so much of a rapper as he is a writer and spitter. “I can rhyme over beats in a way to make it saucy and flavorful. The rap game is ridiculous right now, it’s hilarious. you got a lot of clutter, and everyone trying to say that he is the richest or the hardest. Instead of buying ‘bling bling’ I am gonna buy some ‘ houses houses,’ put my money in the bank and invest it wisely. I know some dope rappers who ain’t going anywhere because although they can rhyme, they can’t structure a song.” That doesn’t seem to be a problem for Bash, who reminds us of a young Smokey Robinson, had Smokey grown up bumpin’ a Too Short/Santana mixtape on his headphones.













–Ashley Cisneros
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