Florida Trend NEXT: Tips from the Intern Queen

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Lauren Berger, 21, doesn’t mind working for free. It fact, she loves it. The Clearwater native has completed 15 internships, mostly unpaid, in only three and a half years. In the end, Lauren has earned something priceless: experience that could help her get a job once she graduates from the University of Central Florida this May. And the celebrity [...]

Urban Latino: Baby Bash

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Yes you know we have love for apple. They are kind of busy making 5,000 versions of the ipod and opening up apple stores everywhere to remember to include us in their celebrity playlist section of the iTunes Music Store. So we did it for them with this, our first installment our iTemas playlist. Don't worry, Mr. jobs. we'll [...]

Urban Latino: Cuban Chanteuse

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Dade County has done it again, with a little help from Chicano, Hailing from sunny Miami is the music industry's next big star, sultry Latina singer and songwriter Liza. Write her name down in you Palm Pilot, because you will be hearing it again. Born in Chicago and raised in Miami by Cuban parents, Liza began [...]

Urban Latino: The Atlanta Hitman

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Georgia was not always the Dirty South mecca that it is today. Just ask DJ Mafioso, real name David Rodriguez, one of Atlanta’s kings in underground hip-hop. The ATL titan build a reputation for creating ill mixes of hip-hop and Latin; he even mixes in poetry from greats like Willie Perdomo. Born in Corona, Queens to [...]