Lake Mary Life: Lake Mary Prep

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WHEN LAKE MARY PREPARATORY SCHOOL CELEBRATED THE graduation of 175 students in May, the assembled parents weren't the only ones with tears in their eyes. Graduation is always a happy triumph for the faculty and staff, too, who helped the class of 2012 secure more than $2.5 million in college scholarships. Long before they walk across [...]

USA Today: Accepted

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ROWING UP AS HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT IN PATERSON, N.J., Shinade Ramirez repeatedly heard that she wasn’t going to be accepted to college because she was Latina and couldn’t afford the tuition. Today, she’d be happy to tell the naysayers how very wrong they were. The college junior is busy pursuing a communications degree with a concentration [...]

Florida Trend NEXT: The Gap Year – 12 months to find yourself

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So, you've decided that college is where you're heading after graduation. Three months at home and then off to campus, right? Says who? Have you even considered the option of taking a year off to prepare for college life? And no, we're not talking about sleeping until noon or chillaxin' on the beach all day. A gap year is a [...]

Florida Trend NEXT: Show Me the Money

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News Flash: If you want to go to college or career school and you meet the admission requirements, you have few excuses not to go. There is a ton of financial aid in the form of scholarships, loans, grants and special programs to help you pay for your education. Here’s the lowdown on the money up for grabs. To [...]

Florida Trend NEXT: Resources for Undocumented Students

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Jackie Garcia* graduated from an Orlando high school in May 2007, but the honor roll student can’t afford to pay for out-of-state tuition at the local community college. Although Jackie has lived in the United States since she was a young girl, she has to pay out-of-state tuition because of her undocumented status. Jackie is not alone. Around [...]

Florida Trend NEXT: Hot Jobs

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When you’re focused on homework, after-school jobs and standardized tests, who has time to think about — or plan for — a future career? Most high school students don’t have any idea about what they want ‘to be’ when they grow up. But high school gives you the chance to explore all kinds of subjects. What are your [...]

Student Leader: It’s a Green Thing

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Collegiate environmental groups make a difference Recycling? Check. Clean ups? Check. Fun? Check! Across the state, collegiate groups are taking environmental matters into their own hands by hosting earth-changing events, clean ups, and demonstrations. Here are a few organizations that Mother Nature would be proud of. Eckerd College What: From doing regular clean-up events to challenging the first shopping day of [...]

Florida Leader: Triumph Over Terror

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A Bosnian refugee finds life in giving to others Bojan Aleksic’s life back in Bosnia was something out of a war movie, complete with a soundtrack of bombs and screams. Aleksic survived the civil war that ripped through his homeland and came to the United States in 1999 searching for a better life. Coming to the United States opened new [...]

Lake City Reporter: Lake City could have been home to UF

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Lake City would be very different today if it was still the home of the University of Florida. The massive institution’s student population of more than 47,000 is almost five times that of Lake City’s population. With more people, there would undoubtedly be more traffic, more businesses and more money. The orange and blue saga of [...]

Lake City Reporter: Mother, daughter trio to graduate LCCC Friday

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Friday will be a day Donna McGehee and her two daughters won't soon forget. McGehee and daughters, Wendy Young and Kat Ortiz, will graduate from Lake City Community College all on the same night. McGehee and Young will graduate from nursing school and will be registered nurses after taking board examinations. Ortiz will receive her associate's of arts [...]