Loved speaking at the UF Women in Entrepreneurship Summit

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The energy was incredibly positive at the University of Florida's Women in Entrepreneurship Summit today! It was such an honor to be invited to speak at the event. I loved re-connecting with my entrepreneurship professor Bill Rossi, networking with other entrepreneurs and meeting all of the talented students! UF Women Entrepreneurship Summit program We spoke [...]

Orlando Physician Offers Health Tips for Seniors

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In the month of New Year’s resolutions and ambitious goals for the year, many Central Florida residents seek to take control of their health. This is definitely true for seniors. In fact, Nova Southeastern University released information on a study about older people with complex health issues in last month’s edition of The Qualitative Report. The researchers found [...]

Kirkman Medical Center puts patients first

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Since opening Kirkman Medical Center last March, Dr. Srinivasan Pillai has provided high-quality health care to both Central Florida residents and visitors. From immunizations to screenings to treating non-life threatening illnesses, Pillai and his staff offer compassionate care in their state-of-the-art facility. Pillai serves about 40 to 50 patients per week at Kirkman Medical Center, and [...]

Florida Trend NEXT: Tips from the Intern Queen

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Lauren Berger, 21, doesn’t mind working for free. It fact, she loves it. The Clearwater native has completed 15 internships, mostly unpaid, in only three and a half years. In the end, Lauren has earned something priceless: experience that could help her get a job once she graduates from the University of Central Florida this May. And the celebrity [...]

Florida Trend NEXT: Work Your Bod

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When Shelda Raymonvil started high school at William H. Turner Technical Arts High School in Miami, she ate cookies for breakfast, chips for lunch and several slices of pizza for dinner. “Later, I realized that my unhealthy eating habits caused me to become obese and fall asleep in class because I had no energy,” she says. [...]

Florida Trend NEXT: Angry? How to deal.

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Conflict is part of life. Anger, frustration and disappointment are natural emotions, but there are positive and negative ways to deal with conflicts. Learning how to deal with difficult people and situations now can help you manage problems you’ll face later in life. Listed below are examples of everyday issues that may set you off, followed [...]

Urban Latino Magazine: Throwin’ ‘Em Back

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OK, let's be real. College is synonymous with partying. For some, the college selection process comes down to the research opportunities and job placement rates. But for others, the thought of certain extracurricular activities and other diversions were factors of equal importance. However, as enticing as the party scene may appear at first, there is a [...]