New York Area’s Best Lawyers: 30 Years Later

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Benedict P. Morelli’s Long-Awaited Victory For An Injured Staten Island Man It was a spring in 1979 when one Staten Island man’s life changed forever. His wife had just taken the couple’s five-month old baby to the doctor to receive a second dose of a live oral polio vaccine. The man had recently had surgery on [...]

Southern California’s Best Lawyers: Shernoff Bidart Echeverria On The Ins and Outs of Insurance Law

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Think about the last time you purchased an insurance policy. Did you read it thoroughly and negotiate with the insurance company to get a policy that met your needs? “No one does,” says Michael J. Bidart, senior and managing partner of Shernoff Bidart Echeverria LLP. “You get insurance because you have to. You fill out the [...]

Birmingham Best Lawyers: Charles L. Denaburg On Bankruptcy and Creditor – Debtor Rights Law

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During his 54-year career, Charles L. Denaburg has become an expert in commercial law, commercial transactions, creditor and debtor rights, and bankruptcy law. Other areas of his practice include domestic and general mediation, arbitration, secured transactions and reorganizations. “My daddy told me that I was going to be a lawyer,” he says. “I wasn’t cut out to be a doctor or a dentist. I [...]

2011 Lawyers of the Year: Mary Beth Braitman

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Best Lawyers has named individuals as Lawyers of the Year in Indiana, based on their particularly high level of peer recognition. Ice Miller Employee Benefits Law When Mary Beth Braitman began working in employee benefits matters at the Internal Revenue Service, she didn’texpect the experience to lead her to law school. “When I started atthe IRS, [...]

Arizona Best Lawyers of the Year: David Burr Udall

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BEST LAWYERS HAS NAMED INDIVIDUALS AS LAWYERS OF THE YEAR IN ARIZONA, BASED ON THEIR PARTICULARLY HIGH LEVEL OF PEER RECOGNITION. Udall Law Firm PERSONAL INJURY LITIGATION There aren't many attorneys who can say that they have tried a case in every county in Arizona, but David Burr Udall can. Since earning his LL.B. from the University of Arizona 1954, Udall has [...]

Arizona Best Lawyers of the Year: Brett L. Dunkelman

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BEST LAWYERS HAS NAMED INDIVIDUALS AS LAWYERS OF THE YEAR IN ARIZONA, BASED ON THEIR PARTICULARLY HIGH LEVEL OF PEER RECOGNITION. Osborn Maledon INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LAW Growing up, friends and family told Brett. L. Dunkelman that he ought to become a lawyer, but Dunkelman had other ideas. He studied religion as an undergraduate, and later pored over literature in graduate school. He taught English; coached track and even helped a team [...]

Birmingham Best Lawyer of the Year: William E. Shanks, Jr.

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William E. Shanks, Jr. Balch & Bingham Employee Benefits Law In a career spanning three decades, William E. Shanks, Jr. has developed tremendous experience in executive compensation and employee benefit matters affecting emerging companies to Fortune 500 corporations. “My father was a CPA and had an MBA, so I was always exposed to a number of discussions pertaining [...]

2010 Lawyers of the Year: Richard S. Jaffe

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Richard S. Jaffe Jaffe and Strickland Criminal Defense: Non-White-Collar While growing up in the Deep South, Richard S. Jaffe was troubled by the racial discrimination he observed in his hometown and even in the books he read. “I was very influenced by injustices of any kind, and thought that being a trial lawyer would allow me to [...]

South Florida Best Lawyers: Medical Malpractice Lawyer of the Year Neal A. Roth On His 30 Years of Medical Malpractice Experience.

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Every client who visits Neal A. Roth has a story to tell. The details differ each time, but they all arrive in need of help. Some have sustained terrible injuries. Others are grieving over the loss of a loved one. When Roth listens to their stories, he can empathize in a way that most other attorneys may not. While still [...]


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Every day millions of Americans fly to domestic and international locations to and from the United States. While flying is known to be a safe way to travel, when the unthinkable happens, the consequences are irrevocably devastating. Brian J. Parrish and Kevin R. Boyle at Panish Shea & Boyle have developed a fierce reputation for handling [...]