New York Area’s Best Lawyers: Helping Future Lawyers’ Dreams Come True

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Bickel & Brewer’s Latino Institute for Human Rights When Andrea Nieves found our that she had been accepted to the Bickel & Brewer Latino Institute for Human Rights at the New York University School of Law, it was a dream come true. The program, which provides full-tuition scholarships to two students each year, meant that the [...]

USA Today: Accepted

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ROWING UP AS HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT IN PATERSON, N.J., Shinade Ramirez repeatedly heard that she wasn’t going to be accepted to college because she was Latina and couldn’t afford the tuition. Today, she’d be happy to tell the naysayers how very wrong they were. The college junior is busy pursuing a communications degree with a concentration [...]

Making the Smart Choice-Healthy Eating

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Bad nutrition plays a key role in the development of chronic conditions that plague Latinos today. In fact, a big threat to Hispanics is obesity. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Minority Health, Hispanic Americans are 1.2 times as likely to be obese than Non- Hispanic Whites. Reducing obesity means lower risk for diabetes and heart disease. When registered and licensed dietitian Diana [...]

Latino University: Never Too Late

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Three Latino Greeks on Becoming Members Post-Grad While studying at Iowa State University, doctorate student Juan Guardia craved a connection to the Latino community. The Cuban-American felt the options available to do so were few and far between. Until he discovered a network the piqued his interest: Latino Greek fraternities. As a post-graduate, Dr. Guardia, now [...]

Urban Latino: Cuban Chanteuse

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Dade County has done it again, with a little help from Chicano, Hailing from sunny Miami is the music industry's next big star, sultry Latina singer and songwriter Liza. Write her name down in you Palm Pilot, because you will be hearing it again. Born in Chicago and raised in Miami by Cuban parents, Liza began [...]