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Lake Mary Life: Lake Mary Prep

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WHEN LAKE MARY PREPARATORY SCHOOL CELEBRATED THE graduation of 175 students in May, the assembled parents weren't the only ones with tears in their eyes. Graduation is always a happy triumph for the faculty and staff, too, who helped the class of 2012 secure more than $2.5 million in college scholarships. Long before they walk across [...]

USA Today: Accepted

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ROWING UP AS HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT IN PATERSON, N.J., Shinade Ramirez repeatedly heard that she wasn’t going to be accepted to college because she was Latina and couldn’t afford the tuition. Today, she’d be happy to tell the naysayers how very wrong they were. The college junior is busy pursuing a communications degree with a concentration [...]

Florida Trend NEXT: 5 Questions to Help You Choose Your School

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1. What do you want to be? Knowing your career goals can help you identify schools that offer the programs or degrees you need to preprare. Pick aschool that offers classes for a couple of majors that you are considering. Then if you change your major, you won’t have to transfer to another school. Also, make [...]

Lake City Reporter: Seniors prepare for last dance

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Gowns have been bought, tuxedos have been rented, and reservations have been made. The dazzling night anticipated by many Columbia County high school students is finally approaching. Both Columbia High School and Fort White High School are holding their proms Saturday, and many students have spared no expense in preparation for the big night. This is American [...]